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But there are a few kinds of diesel fuel: Just as gasoline is rated by its octane, diesel fuel is rated by its cetanewhich indicates how easy it is to ignite and how fast it burns. When the exhaust from conventional diesel fuel was found to cause cancer, clean diesel engines were developed.

Although thousands of conventional diesel fuel-burning vehicles are still on the road, public pressure and environmental organizations have prodded individual states and the federal government to enact legislation and fund replacement programs to take them out of use as quickly as possible. Standard diesel fuel sometimes called diesel oil comes in two grades: Diesel 1 or 1-D and Diesel 2 or 2-D. The higher the cetane number, the more volatile the fuel. Most diesel vehicles use fuel with a rating of 40 to Diesel fuel also is measured by its viscosity.

Like any oil, diesel fuel gets thicker and cloudier at lower temperatures.

chrisfix engine

Under extreme conditions, it can become a gel and refuse to flow at all. The two types of oil can be blended, and most service stations offer diesel fuel blended for local weather conditions. If you plan to drive in very cold weather, choose diesel fuel rated at least 10 degrees lower than the coldest temperatures you expect to encounter.

Because emissions from conventional diesel fuel have been found to be extremely toxic to humans and other living things, until safer forms of this fuel are developed, be careful not to inhale the fumes while pumping it into your fuel tank.

The same goes for gasoline! Biodiesel fuels derived from agricultural materials have the potential to provide a clean-burning alternative to dwindling sources of petroleum. Most diesel engines run just fine on blends of up to 30 percent biodiesel. Understanding Diesel Fuels.The compression in the internal combustion IC engine cylinders takes place when air and gas get mixed together. The process is necessary for the car to move and function. How to stop this from happening?

Well, before you know how to fix low compression in one cylinderyou should have basic ideas about the reasons that cause the problem. Understanding the causes of the problem will help you to identify the source of troubles and repair it.

Learning these problems will give an insight of how to fix low compression in one cylinder. It will trigger poor compression, leading to poor engine performance. To spot the complication, crank the engine with the radiator cap open and watch out if air bubbles coming out.

These bubbles are actually gases from the combustion chamber that leak into the cooling system through the cracked wall. Worn out or misaligned gasket could also be the reason of poor compression.

Never Clean Your Car’s Engine

You can use a pressure tester to pinpoint the trouble in this case. It measures the compression level in the cylinder. If the readings are different, you should check the gasket to locate the problematic spot. It is the bridge between the camshaft and crankshaft. The camshaft cannot function when the belt breaks or fails. The chain reaction will lead to trapping of the gases inside the combustion chamber and cause the low compression.

Crank the engine with a compression tester in the place of the spark plug to identify any issues with the valve.

chrisfix engine

Watch out for a gas leakage from either the air inlet manifold or the exhaust pipe. Leakage sound from any of them will confirm that the valve attached to that respective system is faulty. One way of testing the issue is to pour viscous oil to the spark plug hole so that it reaches the combustion cylinder.

If the compression increases, the problem is with the piston or piston rings. The first step to repair is to be sure that the compression in one of the engine cylinders is actually low.He also makes a point of hiding his identity on his social media and YouTube channel. He basically never shows his face in any of his videos. With over million views on all his videos, I imagine that is simply because he wants to keep his privacy intact.

He lives somewhere in New Jersey and is active in a lot of car communities there. If you had million views on YouTube, would you want everyone to know exactly what you looked like? Click here to see what professional mechanics said their top ten favorite tools were. I included tons of photos and descriptions so you can understand what people are talking about when describing tools. You can read a more in-depth analysis I wrote about who is the top YouTuber here. It is pretty impressive that a guy who never shows his face.

His videos focus on extensive DIY guides that take you through every step. He started the same way, making videos just to help people with no commercial interest. It was about the fun of making videos, sharing knowledge, and helping other people out. Here is a link to his LinkedIn. He has almost had million views on his videos.

Seeing as ChrisFix makes enough money from his Youtube channel without showing his face. Yet, he never shows his face in any youtube videos on his channel. He has had a couple of accidental slip-ups, where his face was reflected back into the camera on a car window. But he has made it his thing to avoid his face being seen. It seems to me that it is because with having 4 million subscribers he would rather not be recognized everywhere.

If he posted his face on every video like Scotty Kilmer or Eric The Car Guy, he would probably have a lot of people calling him out in public. I would find that annoying, and he probably does too. Like anything on the internet you should always cross check it to be sure it is legit information first. A skill I think the more people try, the more respect the general public will have for mechanics and technicians.

A good thing! I personally respect anyone that has the guts to post anything on YouTube.Chrisfix wrote a very detailed used car checklist. Here is the link to the Chrisfix Used Car Checklist downloadable pdf file. I used this checklist personally when I bought my last car, and it helped me find some problems that the owner did not even know about.

Otherwise, it is easy to get distracted by the seller or forget to check items. He also posted a pretty great video where he walks you through the steps of inspecting a used car. The absolute best advice is to take it to a professional mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. For more tool recommendations click here for my complete list I compiled on all the tools you will need to do automotive repair complete with photos and descriptions.

Shop for the seller, not for the item. A seller who has records of their oil changes, tire changes, and any and all maintenance ideally.

Also, they should be totally open to you having a mechanical inspection done, or doing an inspection yourself. Ideally, find someone who is realistic about the value of their item, and accepting of offers.

You will learn after awhile what are some of the red flags that bad sellers exhibit, and how to avoid even wasting your time.

My friend Stark asked me to go with him to check out a used car in San Francisco one day. My other friend Liam tagged along as well, and off we went. So we looked on Google maps and there was no traffic to be found anywhere. He starts picking up fake phone calls on his phone and pretending to have conversations with interested buyers.

We finished the test drive and all three of us looked at each other perplexed and laughing.

ChrisFix’s Used Car Checklist Downloadable PDF

After buying the car you should cut open the oil filter on the first oil change and check it for any metal shavings or other debris. People do this on airplanes, every single oil change, so they can know the state of their engine. I highly recommend you do it on your new used car.

I spent hours writing this article on how to do it, tools needed, and why it is important— take a moment and read it here. For my favorite top ten cool automotive tools click here. Do you own all of these?

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I'm Max and this is my spot to geek out about car repair. This site is dedicated to tool reviews, how to guides, and articles about car repair. I hope you enjoy the site and reach out if you'd like to be interviewed.

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How to Make Your Engine Clean Enough to Eat Off

I have been a mechanic for 23 years. I own a Snap-On scan tool and use it daily. I find it to be very easy to use. I wish I bought one a long time ago. This is my go-to scanner! Wow, I love this thing. Great value for the price. You could actually plug this into a used car while test-driving it just to check for any hidden issues. BlueDriver Scan Tool. Buy Amazon. Buy Walmart. What Makes BlueDriver Different. More Codes. Read all the codes the other scan tools read and the ones they don't.

Confirmed Fixes.In this video, ChrisFix deep cleans and details a car engine bay it looks as good as new.

chrisfix engine

Be sure to watch the video to learn how to stop water getting into parts of the engine water could damage. Source: ChrisFix. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website.

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ChrisFix Shows You How to Super Clean and Detail Your Car Engine Bay

Privacy Overview. Necessary Always Enabled. Non-necessary Non-necessary.There's tons of videos on the internet on how to clean your car. If you want to know how to make your paint shine perfectlyor make your interior look like newthere's no shortage of guides out there. But what about your engine bay? Since most drivers never even bother to look under the hood of their cars, it often goes neglected.

Well, for those of us who care about what's under the hood, YouTuber ChrisFix is here to show us exactly how to properly clean a car's engine bay. Using simple, inexpensive tools and supplies, Chris walks us through the steps of washing and detailing the space where your engine lies, without damaging any sensitive components. And to make sure he's covered all his bases, Chris demonstrates the process on all sorts of different cars in various states of dirtiness. So whether your garage-kept Corvette needs a refreshing, or your daily driver is in desperate need of some under-hood attention, this video has it covered.

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