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While the format may seem niche in Europe and the Americas, the numbers say otherwise. The granddaddy of the webtoon. Tapas Tapas is the first webtoon company in the United States and boast over 70, titles on their platform. Through a partnership with Daum Webtoon they have many of the top Korean titles but are better known for their user-uploaded content. Studios to produce new webtoon series based off of previous Boom graphic novels starting with Heavy Vinyl and are moving into the Hollywood space faster than their competitors by signing with the APA talent agency.

Webtoon Factory One of the more recent entrants to the webtoon space, Webtoon Factory is a French company that launched in Another bonus: titles are available in French and English. They have a robust mix of titles that are translated from their Korean app, Naver Webtoon, along with originals produced in the U.

While still very heavy romance and manga-style series, WEBTOON serves a strong variety of western styles as well and is a great place for new readers to start.

daum webtoon mobile

Izneo Webtoon Another French app that offers content in both French and English, Izneo launched in and is home to several hundred webtoons, but unlike most of the apps on this list are heavy on comedies and thrillers.

Izneo is one of only 2 apps on the list that support both webtoons and traditional comics and graphic novels with content from many of the big comic publishers. Stela launched in to much fanfare featuring several established comics creators in an all-you-can-eat subscription model.

They accept submissions but do not have a portal for creators that we could find. Many of the titles here are from China and not available in English anywhere else, and we have to say the art is top notch. Tappytoon A South Korean startup who have had a presence at North American comic cons for several years now, Tappytoon has a great selection of Korean webtoons that are translated to English.

While not as deep a catalog as their competitors they make up for quantity with quality and are venture backed by Korean VC BonAngels. For those fans who are looking for an app that specializes in Korean content Tappytoon presents a clean and easy to use interface where you can quickly browse and dive in. Much like Tappytoon they specialize in translating Korean webtoons into English and have exhibited in the U.

In they announced a heavily promoted partnership with Huffington Postwhich appears to be defunct as the webtoons are broken links on HuffPo. But their app works beautifully and puts you one click away from diving into some great webtoons. Home Comic Books. Daum Webtoon The granddaddy of the webtoon.

Stela Stela launched in to much fanfare featuring several established comics creators in an all-you-can-eat subscription model.Account Options Sign in. Top charts.

daum webtoon mobile

New releases. Add to Wishlist. Translate the description back to Korean South Korea Translate. Next Webtoon is new with 2. With more convenient and simple app design, you can easily and conveniently find webtoons or get webtoon recommendations.

daum webtoon mobile

The promo area, where the protagonists in the popular webtoons come alive, is a new fun element! We will recommend various webtoons so don't miss out. Meet the work rankings and various promotional news from TOP. Now we have a list of the latest and most popular wait pieces on the Wait tab.

Keep watching more fun and diverse paid webtoons with vouchers that charge after a certain amount of time. Now watch the league works again in the app, and receive updates from the episode through the steamed works.

The best app to meet novel league works first! Thank you for your support in the league. Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Lezhin Comics - Daily Releases. Devil Twins: VIP. Achieve 2 million downloads!Civil servant Sinn gets a huge surprise on his 29th birthday when he is chosen as the first subject of an experimental new law to marry someone he's never met.

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One moment, please! Loading My Series Subscribed to your list. You can subscribe up to series translated by fans. Romance Marry Me! Sci-fi In the Bleak Midwinter; With a dead sister and 25 years to go on her soulmate timer, Anya decides to cryogenically sleep away her problems. Log in. Romance Lore Olympus. Romance True Beauty. Romance Let's Play. Superhero unOrdinary. Romance SubZero. Voice of the Siren Jehded Waffles.

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10 Amazing Webtoon Apps to Check Out!

But then life throws her a one-two punch: a popular streamer gives her first game a scathing review. Even worse she finds out that same troublesome critic is now her new neighbor!Daum offers many Internet services to web users, including a popular free web-based e-mail, messaging service, forums, shopping and news.

The word "daum" means "next" in Korean. The popularity of Daum is a reflection of the high level of internet use in South Korea. The country has the highest level of broadband users, and one of the most widespread levels of computer and Internet access. The popularity of Daum stems from the range of services it offers, but also from the fact that it was the first Korean web portal of significant size.

Its popularity started when it merged with the then most popular e-mail service, daum. After the merging, Daum started the forum service Daum Cafe which brought its firm status in the market. The term cafe and even internet cafe Different from what is supposed to refer to in Western usage is now used as the synonym for "Internet forum" in Korean.

It was one of the earliest webtoon portals with the first real popular webtoons like, Sunjeong ManhwaMossand The Great Catsby and the largest before Naver became the largest webtoon portal. Beginning manhwaga, that post their works on Daum, are given with only chapters contract. When the webcomics are finished with the 25 chapters, they can either continue the story by making a new contract with the publisher or make a new manwha. That's why Glpi stopped Layers at just 25 chapters and continued the story with a new series.

From May 21,the webtoon rating system was implemented. It is said that 10 platforms including Naver and Daum participate. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save. Jeykll Is Mr.Meet well-developed stories and attractive characters presented by experienced webtoon artists including Kang Full, Yoon Tae-Ho and Chun Kye-Young, and carefully selected emerging webtoon artists. To provide rich contents, we constantly search for new webtoons and emerging webtoon artists through events like "Webtoon League" and year-round contests.

We provide support for second-phase business projects for high-quality webtoons with well-developed stories such as webtoon adaptations, character product development and penetration into the global market. Magical space where ideas transform into contents. Enjoy a daily dose of new webtoons that entice your imagination. High-quality webtoon content Meet well-developed stories and attractive characters presented by experienced webtoon artists including Kang Full, Yoon Tae-Ho and Chun Kye-Young, and carefully selected emerging webtoon artists.

Search for new webtoons and artists To provide rich contents, we constantly search for new webtoons and emerging webtoon artists through events like "Webtoon League" and year-round contests.While webtoons were mostly unknown outside of the country during their inception, there has been a surge in popularity internationally thanks in great part to most manhwa being read on smartphones.

As digital manhwa have emerged as a popular medium, print publication of manhwa in South Korea has decreased. The amount of material published in webtoon form has now reached an equal amount as that published offline. There are three things that sets webtoons apart from regular comics : each episode is published on one long, vertical strip making use of an infinite canvas rather than multiple pages so that it is easier to read on a smartphone or computer ; they will most likely be in color rather than black-and-white since they are rarely published in physical form; and some will feature music and animations that play during each chapter.

In the case of South Korea, there are also different censorship laws for materials published online than in print which has led to more manhwa that is pornographic in nature being produced and published as webtoons. Like other online publications, there are a variety of payment models used for webtoons.

Itaewon Class vs. Original Webtoon (EP 1-4) All Plot Differences

Some offer a limited set of chapters for free and charge for the rest. Others allow only a certain number of chapters to be read per day without payment. The Korean web portal Daum created a webtoon service known as Daum Webtoon in and was later followed by Naver with the launch of Naver Webtoon in According to David Welsh of Bloombergcomics account for a quarter of all book sales in South Korea, while more than 3 million Korean users paid to access online manhwa and 10 million users read free webtoons.

Since the early s, services such as TappyToon and Spottoon have begun to officially translate webtoons into English while some Korean publishers like Lezhin and Toomics have begun to self translate their works. In recent years, these webtoons have been gaining popularity in Western markets, rivalling Japanese manga.

In the past, it was divided into two ratings: All webtoon suitable for all ages and 18 No one under 18 is allowed to read this webtoon. From Maythe webtoon rating system was implemented.

daum webtoon mobile

It is said that 10 platforms including Naver and Daum will participate. The earliest webtoons were scanned original comics uploaded onto the Internetusually formatted on a one-page layout. Enhanced preloading enabled later authors to adopt a vertical layout with scrolling. In contrast to comics with a dense panel composition, scrolling brings new panels into view. This makes webtoons suitable for gradual and continuous representationallowing webtoon reading to become more fluid.

With the advent of the smartphone and tablet, webtoons have also migrated to new platforms such as apps. There was also introduced sounds to imply further expressions and tones, as well as interactive motions to create excitement and bring attention to certain objects for the viewers.

Prior tomost webtoons were only available in English through unofficial fan translations. In JulyNaver subsidiary Line began publication of translations of popular webtoons to English via the Line Webtoon service.

Although digital comics are increasingly popular, print publication remains the primary means of comic retail. Some publishers offer online content and print content simultaneously. Webtoons have been taken as source material by a number of different mediums, including film and television; one of the earliest examples of this was ' Tazzaa film based on the comic by Huh Young-man.

Saint Petersburg Card

This work was serialized in the Sports Chosun and garnered over million homepage views, later being adapted into two films.

Another of Huh's works, Sikgaek Le Grand Chefwas published in the Dong-a Ilbo for five years and soldcopies in paperback version. Naver 's Line Webtoon service, launched inis now the biggest webtoon platform in Korea. According to Naver, it reaches over 6. The free Line Webtoon translation service has allowed webtoons to form part of the global Korean Wave. They also collaborate with movies. The webtoon format has also expanded to other countries with many different distributors offering original and translated webtoons for users to read as well as offering platforms for anyone to upload their own webtoons.